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Author: Ashe fireflypenance
Fandom: TRC


"Is that seat taken?"

Kurogane hadn't quite been lost in thought, but the soft voice startled him none-the-less. He looked up, a little surprised that Fai was approaching him. The mage hesitated a moment before Kurogane shook his head and he took the chair. There were at least dozens all around, but Fai chose the one next to Kurogane. The look on the mage's face was surprisingly solemn, and he avoided looking at Kurogane. His hair, still a little longer than he used to wear it, was tied back from his face. They both wore new clothes, finely tailored and in colors that suited them well. This was, after all, a royal wedding, and it wouldn't do for guests of honor to be under dressed. Despite the stiff collar and too light material, Kurogane had worn the costume for the kid and the princess, to see them make their vows.

From here they could hear the well wishers. The actual ceremony was already over, and soon the guests would leave the gardens in favor of one of the large, domed ballrooms where a reception would go on until the wee hours of the morning.
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Believer: Fye/Kuro

Title: Believer
Author: Ashe fireflypenance
Fandom: TRC
Prompt: "Believer" by Kill Hannah
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: "I need you to believe in me." Set just before they leave for Celes.
Notes: Dialogue stolen shamelessly from "Believer" by Kill Hannah. Song suits Fye and the Celes arc fairly well, if you wish to check it out. Oh, and very few spoilers, all things considered.


And I'm not running anymore
I'll stand to face it all
I'll fight for every breath
Until there's nothing left of us

and oh
I need you to believe
I need you to believe in me
Until there's nothing left of us
Oh my god

He stops, just before Mokona sends them to Celes, just before he draws the symbols in the air that will transport himself back to the one place he wished never to return to. He pauses and for a moment there is silence and his companions wonder if perhaps he is having second thoughts. He doesn't have the time for second thoughts, and he begins moving again, and the others busy themselves with those few, nearly meaningless last minute details. The mage appears just behind Kurogane, gripping his elbow with deceptive force. He doesn't look at the ninja, and there is a distance in his eyes that should terrify anyone who has seen it. Kurogane can only feel the deceptive strength in those long fingers, even through the layers of clothing.

"I need you to believe in me," His voice was so low that for a moment Kurogane wondered if he imagined it. "until there's nothing left of us." Then he is gone and his long fingers are tracing those occult symbols and Kurogane can't say what Fye wants to hear. He isn't sure that the mage is strong enough for this, but he has to believe in him. Someone has to believe in him, because he knows that Fye doesn't believe in himself.
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Title: Aftertaste
Author: Ashe fireflypenance
Fandom: TRC
Prompt: Truth @ challenge_the
Rating/Warnings: M/M. T.
Summary: They told secrets in the dark. It made Fye more talkative about things that Kurogane had not known or had only half understood before to say the words in the dark, where he couldn't see if Kurogane was scowling or horrified.
Spoilers: Spoilers post C155, I guess. Not big ones.
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Comfort Eagle: Fye

Title: Falling
Author: Ashe fireflypenance
Fandom: TRC
Prompt: Past @ challenge_the
Summary: Fye is afraid of falling.
Notes: Sorta drabble. Too long but oh well. Bah on this. Struggled with it.
Spoilers: Only if you've already read it, and then it's not a spoiler is it?


Fye didn't like heights. The only nightmare he could ever remember was one where he was falling and falling and falling, endlessly. Once he woke from that nightmare when he and the ninja were sharing a room. Kurogane woke up to find Fye silhouetted against the window, but he never said anything about it. He only wondered why Fye kept flexing his fingers like they ached, like he had been clenching something for so long that he'd forgotten how to let go. He didn't mention it, and if the mage knew he was awake, he was ignoring him. Outside the snow was falling, as if mocking them both, hissing against the chilled pane of glass, the only sound in a silenced room.
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Title: My Graveyard
Author: Ashe fireflypenance
Fandom: TRC
Prompt: Coping @ challenge_the
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (not bad, just some allusions to things like suicide and child murder). Potential spoilers post C 120
Summary: "I won't let you fall apart, no never again".
Notes: Could be considered to fall after "Star Fire and Snow Glare" but doesn't have to. Uses some of the same concepts.
Written to: "Coming Out Strong" by Ana Johnsson, "What If" by Ana Johnsson, "Through Glass" by Stone Sour


It's strange how everything changed
Through your eyes look others we're feeling
You've tried
You can't see the world the same
It's cold falling down
Like a shadow on the ground

Follow me and I'll take you somewhere lighter
Than you've been
Come with me I won't let you fall apart
No never again
And it's been so long
Just barely holding on
We're coming out strong

It took forever for the king to fall. Not the battle so much as the actual motion of death and finality. From death stroke to corpse, sprawled on the marble floors. Fye watched with sick fascination as the blood formed a halo the king could not have worn in life, framing his head and matting the dark hair that he'd taken such pride in, in life. Fye didn't see anything but that corpse, staring into Ashura's lifeless eyes like he was lost.

And maybe he was lost. He felt himself crumbling. He felt his stomach clench painfully and a shining spectrum of emotion that he was suddenly in possession of and very unsure of how to deal with any of it. Distantly he was aware of a hand coming down, hard, on his shoulder. The jolt broke eye contact and he realized he was crying. How long had he been crying? And why? Ashura did not deserve his tears, just as Fye deserved no one's tears.

"It's time to go." Kurogane. His voice was like a lifeline, and should Fye choose to follow it, he suspected that fulfillment waited for him. He shied from it like a child from a hot stove. He made a half-hearted attempt to pull away but Kurogane wouldn't have it.

"I have to-" he began, trying to come up with anything to be left here. Anything to be allowed to die in this dead country. Death was his only path, the only option he had left. He felt his eyes water again. He hadn't had his wish. He hadn't found anyone to love him before he died. Then again, who could love someone like him? Childish though the statement may be, he had more justification for that feeling than most. Murderer. Killer of children. Coward.

Ironic that the last bit was the most crippling.

"Don't start." Kurogane growled close to his right ear. Fye's breathing caught in his throat and a strong hand clamped down on his forearm. "You're coming with us." Kurogane turned to lead him off, but Fye wouldn't be led like a disobedient puppy. He was tired of being discredited, of being treated like a child. He. Was. No. Child.

He yanked his arm away and Kurogane turned to face him. The anger in his scarlet eyes was heavy, but Fye was such a mess that he didn't care that Kurogane was angry now. Fye faced him, his blue eye flashing and his face tear streaked. He had to look a mess.

"Stop." he snapped. Kurogane narrowed his eyes.

"I'm not leaving you here to die!" Kurogane raged. "This country is dead, there's nothing left for you here."

"It's dead because I killed it! It's dead because of ME! This graveyard is also mine." Fye took an apprehensive step back and his legs threatened to give out on him. He couldn't falter, not now. For the first time he would stand up for his right to die. The right that Kurogane insisted to take from him.

"No, it's not." Kurogane took a step, and then another, stalking Fye until the wizard had finally sunk to the group, to his knees. Kurogane knelt and grabbed both sides of the man's face, making sure he had the man's attention before he spoke. "You did what had to be done. No one blames you." It might not be the truth, but the words lanced the building tension and pain and Fye crumbled. He buried his face in Kurogane's coat, clinging to the man's clothes as strong arms wrapped around him. Fye cried for himself, for his past, and for the truth that he still couldn't face.

Kurogane hadn't flinched away, though. He was here, and it didn't look like he was going to give up on Fye that easily.

"Come on." the ninja murmured into Fye's hair. "We have to go. The princess needs us."

The princess. Sakura. A stab of guilt, but it was almost like Kurogane expected that. His hand raised to cup the back of Fye's head before he stood and helped Fye to stand beside him. "One step at a time." Kurogane said.

One step at a time. He could do that.
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Title: Standing Still
Author: fireflypenance
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Prompt: Light @ 12_stories
Rating/Warnings: M/M.
Summary: Riku needs a reason to stand still. // RikuxLeon
Notes: The song influence for this piece is "What's Left of Me" by Nick Lachay. Not my usual cup of tea, really, but I saw a SoraxRiku video to it last week, and the song really rang true as a Riku kinda song, so I looked it up and here we go. Full lyrics here.


Watch my life,
Pass me by,
In the rear view mirror
Pictures frozen in time
Are becoming clearer
I don't wanna waste another day
Stuck in the shadow of my mistakes

Sora darted ahead to join his friends, but Riku lingered by the gummi ship, as if unsure of his welcome here. Radiant Gardens. The restoration seemed to be coming along well. He marveled at newly cobbled streets, at storefronts and happy smiling faces. He marveled most at the flowers, planted in neat little plots at various points throughout the town square. Riku found himself wondering who's touch that had been.

"Riku!" Sora called over his shoulder, motioning his best friend on. Riku hesitated another moment before following Sora slowly as the keyblade master met Yuffie word for word with their chatter. Aerith fell back a step and rested her hand on Riku's shoulder. She gave a little smile, and Riku remembered when she had been taller than him. She was much shorter now. He had outstripped all of his friends in height, it seemed.

"How are you?" she asked softly. Riku hesitated. Lost? Afraid? Alone? Despite agreeing to travel with Sora for awhile, it hadn't helped the loneliness. But Aerith was waiting for an answer.

"I'm fine." he lied. She hesitated before kissing his temple in a sisterly fashion.

"No, you're not. But you will be." She gave him a one-armed hug before she stepped inside the house just behind Yuffie and Sora. Riku paused, looked it over, and then entered behind the four.

Cid called a gruff greeting to the two from the couch, and Cloud gave a rare smirk and dove into teasing Yuffie and Sora about their chatter. "I could hear you guys from the moment that you got off your ship, Sora."

Riku said nothing, simply stood in a kitchen that was quickly becoming too loud, too hot, with too many people. Dinner smelled good, but his stomach twisted painfully. Sora's laughter, usually a comfort... it grated against already raw nerves. Quietly, he slipped back out the door and sat on the stoop, face in his hands, rubbing at his eyes. An ache was forming behind them. He had headaches like this a lot these days, it seemed.

He slid to his feet and just started walking. Maybe the folk inside would notice he was missing before long, maybe not. He didn't care. He just needed to be away from here. He didn't know the Radiant Gardens well, especially now the the reconstruction was on the cusp on being complete. He passed storefronts and streets that he didn't recognize. He heard the trickling of water in the distance, but didn't know where it was coming from. All told, he wasn't sure where he was.

He paused at the head of a street and turned left and right. His hands were pressed deep into the pockets of his jeans. His arms were cold, he should have grabbed a jacket he mused. Oh well. He cast his eyes up. Almost full dark. He should head back. Problem, though, was that he wasn't sure which way "back" was.

"Everyone's looking for you."

Riku turned. Instinct made him tense, and ready to draw blade if he had to. He hesitated when he saw the man who'd spoken, and finally let himself relax even a little. A different sort of tension settled in his chest.

Leon took the few steps that separated them and looked at the sky, just as Riku had been. Riku was too surprised to speak, to see the fleeting light reflected on Leon's face. For the first time he actually looked at the man, instead of taking in his demeanor and the scar as hints that he was a badass. He looked... relaxed. Or at least, at peace.

"Why?" he asked before he had the chance to. Leon looked at him. If he sensed a deeper meaning to the question, he did not show it.

"You've been gone for over an hour. Aerith couldn't find you when she tried to call you for dinner, so the rest of us went out looking. Did you get lost?"

For a moment, Riku heard something else in that voice. Something that hinted that this conversation wasn't about physical location anymore. "Yeah..." he trailed off, unsure of what else to say.

Leon looked at him and offered a hand, whether in friendship or something else... Riku wasn't sure. But he took that hand. "Well I found you." Leon turned and gave Riku's arm a tug. A few paces later, he relased the younger man's hand and they walked in companionable silence. They came to the house and climbed the stairs. Inside, Aerith was reheating dinner. Riku felt a stab of guilt, but when she looked up she smiled at him. Worry faded from her eyes.

"He got lost." Leon explained. Aerith hesitated and them nodded, smiling softly.

"Well I'm glad you found him. Here, sit down to eat. The others should be back soon." she said as she put two plates on the table, in front of each of them.


Riku found himself sitting under the moonlight later that night. He looked up at the sky, his green eyes shining with the light. But the light didn't go more than skin deep. The gnawing feeling had returned.

The door closed quietly behind him and he looked up. Aerith. She gave a small smile and joined him on the stoop.

"It's a beautiful night. A little chilly though." She produced a jacket that was about the right size for him, if a little tight across the shoulders. He shrugged into it and was thankful for the warmth. "Cloud's." she explained when he opened his mouth to ask. She sat down beside him, snuggling into her own sweater and they sat in silence for quite some time.

"Thank you for dinner, Aerith." he said after awhile, desperate to break the silence. The silence was too heavy, it had to go. The wind blew past them both, and he caught the scent of honeysuckle and lavender and all manner of things that brought a small smile to his face.

She inclined her head. "No trouble. If I didn't cook for the boys, they'd forget to eat. Or they'd eat those silly prepackaged things, like ramen. Besides, I like feeding people." Riku wasn't surprised. Aerith reminded him a lot of Sora's mother, but she couldn't be that much older than him. Not more than ten years, at least.

Riku wasn’t sure what to say, so he asked about the flowers. “I’ll assume that all the flower gardens were your touch. They really make this place feel like home.”

She paused. “Not me. Oh when the idea was posed I was excited about it, and I did help. But the idea wasn’t mine. It was Leon’s.” She gave Riku a little glance when the young man looked startled. Riku would never expect that from Leon, of all people. Flowers? “Apparently flowers remind him of his home world. Fond memories, I think.” she added, and it was like watching a starving man scrambling for crumbs. The silence again, and she spoke first this time. "I hear that Sora finally kissed Kairi. It's about time."

Riku gave a laugh, hoping to cover up his lapse a few moments ago, but there wasn't much humor in it. "Kairi kissed him, actually. She was tired of waiting for him to get to it." He paused, thinking fondly of his best friends. He was glad for them both. Once, he might have... but no. Too much had happened for there to be anything akin to love of that nature for Sora. And Kairi was like a sister.

"Sora has a good heart. He's capable of loving without question and with great strength. But I think that he can also deeply love those he hasn't known for very long." she said. She rested an arm on Riku's forearm. "You share that with him, I think."

Riku was startled, looking up. She brushed some of his hair back, a motherly gesture, and slid to standing. "I have dishes to finish." She opened the door, but hesitated in the doorway. "I suspect Leon is capable of deeply loving those he has not known a long time as well, Riku." Then she disappeared inside, and Riku was left more unsettled than he had been ten minutes before.

And yet... was she right? Was she saying... no, not possible, but... He slid to standing and felt that need to move, to run, again. This time he did go, but to the bailey. It was a dark place to hide for awhile. As he climbed the steps to the top, he listened only to the echo of his boots against stone, but his mind was racing.

No. He was too broken. Too far gone. Half of a real person. Despite it all, he could not truly be saved.

"Are you always running?"

It seemed by running from the house, he'd found the last person he wanted to see right then. Leon was leaned against one of the stone supports, watching Riku's obviously troubled gait. Riku hesitated, unsure of how to respond.

"What reason do I have to stand still?" Riku challenged him. Leon paused and pushed away from the support. He didn't off a response that could be taken lightly.

"What would you give your life for?" Leon replied, his challenge spoken evenly, though Riku heard the tense emotion in it.

Sora. Kairi. But those answers didn't feel like enough. He would give his life for them, but... "A reason to stand still." he replied, echoing his own challenge. By now Leon stood almost too close. Riku's lips parted, his breathing hitching in his throat. Leon raised a hand, and Riku dared to hope before squashing that hope. Leon wouldn't have that, though, and rested a gloved hand against the side of Riku's head, brushing his lips against the boy's own.

It was a chaste kiss. A soft kiss. But Riku felt something shatter in him and his eyes watered. He blinked back tears, and Leon brought his other hand up, framing Riku's face.

"I don't know what to do. I don't know who I am." he breathed. Leon shook his head and kissed the younger man again.

"For now, let's focus on standing still." There was such a gruff tenderness in that voice that Riku kissed Leon this time, and in earnest.
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TABLE FIVE - LIGHT @ 12_stories
Claim :: Leon/Cloud, Leon/Riku, Riku/Cloud
01.Love. 02.Comfort. 03.Kisses. 04.Hope.
05.Home. 06.Pleasure. 07.Kindness. 08.Together.
09.Light. - Standing Still 10.Life. 11.Truth. 12.Peace.

L/C :: 0/4
L/R :: 1/4
R/C :: 0/4

Love. - The Chain by Fleetwood Mac
Comfort. - Scream by Kill Hannah
Kisses. - Prelude 12/21 by AFI
Hope. - Starting Over by Saliva
Home. - Broken Sunday by Saliva
Pleasure. - The Way You Like It by Adema
Kindness. - The Songs that Saved My Life by Kill Hannah
Together. - Savin' Me by Nickelback
Light. - What's Left of Me by Nick Lachay
Life. - They by Jem
Truth. - Perfect Enemy by TATU
Peace. - Stay and Drown by Finger Eleven